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Forgotten Games

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"Forgotten Games" by Jaziel Valladares,

Every night, I lay down, and I think about my mother, my father, my acquaintance with this world.  I think about my grandparents, their parents, and their parents…  How far back it all goes; back through the Chinese cultural revolution, imperial China, tribal China, sapiens, apes, mammals, vertebrates…  all the way back to when the first nuclear material became encapsulated in a membrane.  I think about my childhood, my adolescence, my young adult life.  I think about all I have done, all I do, and all I have yet to do.  I imagine the day my grandparents, my parents, and my friends close their eyes to this world.  I imagine what it must be like to close my own eyes for the last time.  I imagine humanity post-me; the technology, the violence, the understandings.  I imagine either our colonization of the stars or the extinction of our race.  I imagine our discovery of a new sentience or the emergence of a new sentience on Earth, post-humanity.  I imagine how that sentience will grow, reflect, and wonder.  I wonder.

The funny thing about science is:  The more you learn about the world around you, about the body with which you experience it, and about the brain that makes it real to you… the less sure you are about everything.

In the end, will there still be music, dance, and billiards?  Will the mangoes be sweet?  Will the blankets be warm?  Will the leaves be green?  What will we see?  What will we feel?  What will we be?


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November 16, 2009 at 9:41 pm

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