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comedy central is no joke

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The Daily Show, with John Stewart, featuring recent guests like Tony Blair, Jimmy Carter, and King Abdullah II (of Jordan)–discussing extremism, distortion in American media, and the middle east peace talks.

I watched the Daily Show today and caught Mr. Stewart’s interview with King Abdullah II. I was extremely impressed. Television is bullshit. History Channel, Discovery Channel, Scifi, CNN, FOX–it’s all bullshit. Then, there’s Comedy Central… oh my there is Comedy Central. Comedy Central is a troll in the idiocratic sea of cable television. With the premise of providing shits and giggles, Comedy Central engages viewers who laugh, at first, but think… and think critically, at last. It’s subtle. It’s smart…

Jimmy Carter: “I’ve heard about a rally. So you’re getting involved in politics?”

John Stewart: “No, but it’s going to be pretty funny.”

…It’s the seed of exactly what America needs.


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September 23, 2010 at 8:26 pm

No Yellowface… Just Russell, the Wilderness Explorer!

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Up is not just an incredibly entertaining and endearing movie–it is also a beautiful counter example to racial stereotyping in main stream cinema.  One of the protagonists in this movie is a fat little Asian boy named Russell.  That’s plenty of cannon fodder right there.  He could have eaten dumplings and rice, used chopsticks, had an accent, had lines-for-eyes, done martial arts, had a Chinese name, worn a shirt with a panda on it, etc.  It would have been incredibly easy to throw something along those lines in–even without being offensive.  Yet, they did not use a single stereotype; not one.  In fact, the kid is a boyscout!  What is beautiful about his part in the movie is that he is there only as himself. He is not the racial comic relief or the satisfaction of a stereotype.  Rather, he is there for his family history, his boyscout organization, his personality; he is there for who he is, not what he is.  Even so, he is a hilarious character!  Without exaggeration, this funny little kid is the most genuinely portrayed Asian American protagonist in mainstream cinema that I have seen.  Bravo, well done, and kudos to Disney Pixar.

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June 24, 2009 at 2:21 pm