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Morning Star

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by: Lina (Shelina Wade)

I don’t buy albums too frequently, but I got this one. “Morning Star” blends some very old flavors with modern production capabilities; the style is fun, soulful, and genuine; add Lina’s incredible voice for a beautiful, smooth, and eclectic album.

Official About: Singer/Songwriter, Lina, boldly discards all artistic blueprints, with a musical fusion thriving on rich, jazz-era orchestration complemented by R&B. With a writing and singing background that spans the genres of soul, jazz, opera, hip hop, pop, and country, LINA is an original, bringing a fresh, arresting sound that is passionate, organic and timeless. In effect, a one woman Harlem Renaissance, reclaiming decades worth of musical heritage for a new generation.

With Grammy nominations that cross multiple music categories, Lina is a stunning beauty compared to the likes of Josephine Baker and Sade. She is a musician’s musician, who sings in eight languages, and writes all her own songs. Her delivery is sometimes reminiscent of jazz great Billie Holiday, with an artsy, funky style like Erykah Badu–but she’s an original. Her sound is fresh and for anyone who is thirsting for soul stirring, life changing music.

“With so much technology, there are a lot of producer-driven artists. The result is that tracks have become the meat versus the lyrics–and it’s become more about manufacturing mass-produced recordings. It can be difficult to be original, but I’ve always put passion into my writing and performing. I just let the music that’s inside of me flow out.” -Lina

Take a listen.


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August 3, 2010 at 8:57 pm

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