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From an anecdote on reddit by the friend of a Vietnam veteran:  “He told me that he had been a door gunner, and that the captives that they had in the helicopters sometimes would not talk, and that they, the soldiers, would throw the captives family from the helicopter into the chopper blades of another helicopter below them to try and get them to talk.  He said on one occasion his partner threw a child.

An anecdote (from reddit) about someone’s first fap:  “This is more like a failed first fap. When I was 12 I had no idea how to masturbate but I decided to try it anyways. All I knew was that your penis gets hard, you rub the area a bit, and then it stops being hard.  So, I proceeded to simply punch my pelvis for a minute or so, and then my penis went back to normal. I thought I had successfully masturbated for the first time.”


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