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A million lives, crossing, swirling, striving, wanting. A sea of disparate intention. The intersection below, the people scurrying about with the importance of black ants. The yellow taxis slipping amidst one another. A honk, a shout, and the ever persistent hum of it all. I look in a window to my left, a young man of average build slumped in a tan couch watching TV. His living space is nicely put together and appears comfortable, I think to myself. I look in a window to my right, a man with his laptop on his lap, the blue glow of a retina/LCD giving his face a cold glow. I look in the window above him, lights are on, but nobody is visible. I look up again, dark windows before another light one, this one with a diorama partitioned by the bars of vertical blinds. The hum of the city persists, it fills me, I inhale gladly the sea of disparate intention.


Written by meusintuitus

December 12, 2014 at 8:12 pm

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