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What have we learned from Jen? We have learned to appreciate people for who they are, not who we want them to be. We have practicing tolerating ambivalence in relationships. We have learned that idealization/devaluation and splitting are issues for me to watch out for. We have learned that dating another intuitive is great, but not a deal breaker. We have learned that relationships require sacrifice of time and freedom. We have learned that values, temperament, spirituality, and humor are also great ways to be compatible. We have learned how to grow intimate with someone slowly, to learn about someone over months instead of thinking we know all about someone through infatuation.

Something I still need to work on is ambivalence tolerance—holding both the good and the bad sides of a person in my mind at the same time to have a more cohesive image of them, both more honest than a moment of infatuation and more forgiving than a moment of hate.


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September 16, 2014 at 4:59 pm

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