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She states herself that she “loves control”—hence her choice of specialty of opthalmology where she admits she has a sense of absolute control over the environment and procedure. She also admits to being uncomfortable with more chaotic specialties like emergency medicine. Evidence of the diagnosis is as follows:

1. Anger when situation is not controllable: I arrived five minutes earlier to a dinner than she expected and she was visibly irritated and snapped at me. A dog barked loudly on the street, startling her, and she was furious and indignant stating “this is why I hate dogs.”

2. Expresses affection in controlled and stilted fashion: Texts even after a month of dating are generally (thought not always) unemotional and formal. Although she is more physically affectionate, she has a formal and serious tone to her interactions even after a month of dating.

3. Fiercely punctual: Sets a time well in advance of every date well in advance and adheres to the time rigidly. When alterations are made they are poorly tolerated.

4. Inefficient perfectionism: Although unconfirmed, she may take a long time to get ready for work or outings due to perfectionistic rituals. I suspect this because she has reported using two hours before work to prepare for work.

5. Excessively devoted to work or productivity at the expense of leisure activities and friendships. I get the sense that I have been her main source of social interaction during our time dating.

6. Shows significant rigidity and stubbornness: She is very intolerant of opposing opinions—no discourse for the sake of learning or enjoyment can be had. She is very intolerant of being wrong even with petty observations like mistaking a statue of a hippo for a rhino.

OCPD is based in insecurity. At the core of it all—the rigidity, the perfectionism, the intolerance of jokes, the anger—is insecurity. They are people who are uncomfortable¬†with themselves and so they project this discomfort onto the world by trying to create comfortable predictability to an extreme degree.

Overall she can be a sweet and even understanding girl and I feel very bad for her. My empathy causes me to feel her agony and given my role as a lover and not as a therapist I can not help her.


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August 31, 2014 at 4:34 pm

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