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I have awoken from a reverie. For two weeks now I have been lost in infatuation, rumination, and obsession towards a woman. I agonized over whether she was right for me or not. I strained to fit myself and my vision of my future to her. I thought about her constantly.

For the last two days I have been in distress—wondering about whether she is “right” for me and agonizing over our compatibility. I have awoken to realize that I have been taking this way too seriously and that I have been compromising my self.

My top priority is not to find myself a wife. My top priority is not to fit my massive and sophisticated perspective into the life of another. My top priority is not to “make it work.” Dating is a minor objective. I will date someone only as long as our relations are healthy and not encumbering to my mission. So with this we arrive at my mission statement:

1. To develop myself as a provider of mental health through diligent practice, observation, and study.

2. To broaden my perspective and understanding of the world through exploration of the arts, humanities, ethnic enclaves, and subcultures.

3. To maintain contentment, gratitude, and physical health with every step I take.


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August 19, 2014 at 3:25 pm

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