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the way beneath our feet

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The spiritual journey of Daoism is persistent lessening. Initially, inspired by the great promises of Dao and enlightenment, we reach our hands upward, our gaze is fixed on the horizon, our attention grasps for something of great depth very far from where we are. However, whether by gradual progress or moments of leaping insight, we eventually come to see that everything promised has been with us all along. The feeling of the ground as it presses against the feet that we put one in front of the other, the breeze through our fingertips, the sun on the back of our neck, the sponge as we swirl it about a plate, the cadence of our sweeping broom, the smile of a good friend. The greatest blessings of mankind are always within our reach.


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May 24, 2014 at 11:29 am

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