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a walk

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I went for a walk today.  It was cold out.  I was well insulated in my new trapper hat and Lands End coat.  It’s phenomenal what the mind comes up with when you give it a little time to process and reflect.  I have been making a lot of progress.  My understanding of where I stand in the world both geographically, socially, and existentially is beginning to set I think.  Recent experiences like my trip to Guatemala have given me some amazing perspective.  

An even more recent discovery of mine is the philosophy of Stoicism.  From my understanding, at the core of this are the values of moderation, courage, justice, and wisdom.  These values being central to an excellent mental state; one that allows us to act our best in any situation.  In cultivating these values, happiness will ensue naturally.  In addition to values is the pragmatic monitoring of our emotions.  This is achieved in any situation by knowing that there will be aspects within our control and others outside of our control.  It is a bit like Daoism in its calm acceptance of the world as it is, but also a little different as it implores us to act with certain virtues.  Whereas Daoism as I understand it does not expect certain virtues, but rather laughs at the duality of virtue and vice altogether.  In Daoism, things are. Period. And we act. Period.  Though there is some component of acting in accordance with Nature, which is not incongruent with Stoicism.

With these experiences and discoveries, I feel ready to go forth away from the support of my Charlottesville community.  I feel ready to tackle the madness of New York.  I feel confident that I will be able to enjoy and absorb the city with all its madness and vice while keeping my own identity and character intact.  


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December 7, 2013 at 7:25 pm

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