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I was driving back to school today after a weekend with family.  I am fiddling with my iphone (new since January and I love it)—music, the usual.  Doing an appropriate 60, I look up from my phone and I SHIT MY BRAIN at the sight of a stopped car at an intersection (this is one of those semi-highways with traffic lights).  I clearly did not have enough stopping distance.  I slammed the brakes, swerved into the left turn lane, tires lock out screeching, sliding into the intersection, my car slides out to 90 degrees and right side of my back bumper strikes the guardrail of the median across the intersection.  I take a moment—horror, regret, adrenaline, a shocked humor, gratitude.

The driver of the car I nearly hit is emergency stopped a little ways down and I pull up behind her.  She’s fine.  I completely missed her.  Thank fucking god.  There was a fucking baby in the back seat.

Of course, I am NEVER using my phone while driving again.


Written by meusintuitus

June 2, 2013 at 5:25 pm

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