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From a lifetime of neurosis and self-doubt, through both celibacy and degeneracy, through love and hate, through contempt and appreciation…

Every half-year or so I regard myself and discover that I am more the man I strive to be.  These past eight months have been an incredible sprint of progress.  I wrote around so long ago that I would begin my return from the edge of sanity—that I would turn my back on a temporarily necessary but venomous perspective, on hatred, on misanthropy; and re-embrace the world as it is.  The contentment I feel today is evidence enough of how far I have come on my return journey.  I am proud of myself.

However, the demons of neurosis, discontent, and despair track me still as they do all of us.  I can hear their shrieks in the not-too-distance behind me and I can feel the pull of their beckoning.  Indeed, life is relentless and demands nothing less than relentlessness.  The cultivation of my body, mind, and spirit will and must continue—not that I mind.


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May 14, 2013 at 7:28 pm

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