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boston marathon bombings and empathy

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I ventured to exercise a peculiar empathy today.  With the awful bombing of the Boston Marathon on every news channel, I took a moment to imagine what life must be like for civilians in areas of conflict abroad—Afghanistan, Palestine…  The news talks of the horrors of this bombing:  Over a hundred casualties—some fatalities, many with amputations of their feet and legs.  I considered for a moment:  The same tragedy afflicts civilians in those unfortunate countries in the Middle East, but with frequency.  Home made bombs, “precision” rockets, predator drones.  The situations are a bit different of course, but the tragedy, mutilation, and human suffering are the same.  Perpetrators “should” be brought to justice on both sides of the sea, but the convenient reality is that the lives of victims on one side can be written off as “collateral damage.”


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April 15, 2013 at 5:26 pm

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