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I’m not so sure I believe in “global health” or “aid” anymore.  Sure, the need is great, but most of such help is unsustainable and thus unhelpful in the long-term.  I’ve read a little about China’s trade involvement in Africa—its mutually beneficial nature is what I noticed most.  China gets its raw materials, Africa gets a trade partner.

Mutuality is a great framework for sustainability, for in it both parties are incentivized to maintain the relation.  This is in contrast to the “charity” model of aid, where the giver is liable to quit or run out of funds at any moment.  Going forward in my career, I will seek global health involvements that are mutual.  Instead of simply going and working in 3rd world clinics for a few weeks at a time, in addition, I would seek out positions that enable me to engage in partnership with the clinics abroad.  At this point, I imagine a position at an academic institution where I could build a partnership with a clinic abroad to help them develop and enhance psychiatric care and psychiatrist education.


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March 25, 2013 at 6:25 am

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