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In response to uneducated demonizations of psychiatry:

“Firstly, the DSM V is going to address one of the exact things that this author suggests–it’s putting mental illnesses on a spectrum. This article was poorly researched. On that note, I’ll continue.

Yes, many people, especially those who excel in certain fields (narcissists in business, obsessive-compulsives in medicine), have traits of various personality disorders, but psychiatry doesn’t give a damn about you if you are cruising along in life just fine. People in America employ a faulty and damning projection of persecution towards psychiatry–the semi-informed cry out that it is oppressive and inhumane. In reality, nobody is going around making people with Borderline PD, Histrionic PD, Antisocial PD *traits* seek help when they are (1) not harming themselves and (2) not harming others [and we’re talking literal harm–cutting, rape, suicide, murder]. In reality, there are Borderlines out there (true Borderlines, not just 1/10 on the spectrum) who can have upwards of hundreds of suicide attempts in a span of a few years–these people are really suffering, truly suffering, deep, rending, psychological anguish that most of you are lucky to never have to experience or even witness, and they want and deserve help. Can you even imagine how excruciating your experience of life must be to even attempt one suicide, let alone hundreds? Trust me, when you are 10/10 on the spectrum of any of these diagnoses, you are far beyond the scope of “man up” and “talk it out.”

My point? Get over yourself. Just get over yourself. Psychiatrists don’t give a damn about your or your friend’s mild and arguably adaptive attention-seeking behavior. Life is hard for many, but absolutely brutal for some–we’re talking raped multiple times in childhood by several uncles brutal. It’s the job of psychiatrists and psychologists to help those individuals who are shattered by such experiences to put their minds and their lives back together. The human mind is complex, much more so than the human body, and psychiatry is a lens through which we can look to help people. Any scientific and quantifiable method of medicine has to have standardized definitions–definitions that can be reproduced and used in studies, diagnosis, and treatment; definitions that enable professionals to communicate with one another fluidly. This creates rigidity, yes, but the alternative is to use completely unregulated words and descriptions such that no one professional would know what any other professional or researcher is talking about. The categorizations are not perfect, but since we want empirical data on what works and what doesn’t, they are necessary. (In case you don’t get it, try to imagine doing a study on depression where one researcher talks about “sad because of X and Z” and another researcher talks about “discontent because of Y and Z”–science needs standards to be quantified)

As for ADHD–yes, over-medicalization is an issue that every psychiatrist is very aware of. Over-medicalization is an issue that every doctor in every speciality is very aware of. The best family doctors and psychiatrists will do everything in their power to exclude the possibility as well as avoid the use of medications when presented with a such cases. Laypersons have a role to play in this as well–stop demanding antibiotics from your doctors for the common cold. Yes, antibiotic overuse is a huge problem–far larger in scale than ADHD even–for both the potentially fatal allergic reactions as well as for bacterial resistance that will see the return of infectious diseases as major causes of death in the next 100 years.

I have high hopes for this magazine and I hope the authors educate themselves and research in depth for their writings. Unfortunately, this particular article reads less like well-researched commentary and more like a teenager’s angry stream-of-consciousness.”


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March 25, 2013 at 2:21 pm

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