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I minimize thee.  Nobody will be allowed to post on my wall.  I will post no more things for people to comment on.  Why?  Because I do not like what Facebook does to me.  Some people may be able to handle the beast with more grace than I, but I am finding that Facebook turns me into a whore of self-promotion.  It’s like a drug—chasing these “likes.”  Fond are my Facebook memories of having over two dozen “likes” on a given post.  Often I say to myself, and I quote, “this is going to be an awesome profile picture, I am so happy.”  Indeed—so happy that I now have something “spectacular” to showcase to the world about how awesome my life, no, how awesome I am.  Look at me and all my artsy and thoughtful pictures.

Beyond what it does to me, I dislike what it does to us.  Old friends?  I don’t talk to them ever.  I “like” their crap, they “like” mine, and we subconsciously call that maintenance of our friendship.  Certainly, I am blessed to have friends legitimate enough that even without frequent catch-ups, we un-arduously “pick up where we left off” even after months without contact.  However, I am sick of the illusion of connection that Facebook sells.  I would rather have fewer “likes” and more phone calls, emails, even just messages on Facebook; I won’t dream of written letters though—a tad archaic, quite unwieldily, and possibly awkward.

I will not quit Facebook.  It has its uses and it is indeed a marvel of modern technology.  Magnificent for networking and connecting the previously easily disconnected.  It’s a fantastic medium for the sea of acquaintances in my (any) life.  Thus, I will keep it in a minimized form—one that enables me to remain connected to a degree, but one such that I no longer feel accountable to it.  I eagerly await any isolation that may come—for it will be impetus to call those I consider important to me instead of settling for dried husks of human interaction.

No offense intended—I consider none on here shallow by any means.  In all likelihood, my friends carry the mixed blessing of the Book of Faces better than I.  Only for I, for now, it has been too much of a curse.

On this day, Day 1, I feel good.  I feel a sense of… freedom.  I feel as though I am living less for the sake of some collective approval and more for the sake of my authentic self.


Written by meusintuitus

January 29, 2013 at 7:07 pm

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