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Every moment is a choice.  Every moment is a choice between bitterness, cynicism, despair; and gratitude, love, happiness.

Life is not about doing what you love.  Life is about finding love in the things you do.  Humans have infinite capacity for acclimation, disillusionment, and boredom.  To expect occurrences in life to bring you to ever higher highs is not unlike an addict upping the dosage of his heroin.  This is not to say that we should become complacent, not at all.  We should always strive towards our wildest tomorrows, but we must do so while holding the deepest of appreciations for all the blessings that we enjoy in the present.

My present depression is born of a deep dissatisfaction with the way the world is—from the state of the global economy, to American politics, to the medical profession, to the gross deficiencies in human ability to understand and connect with one another.  I am a dreamer and I can not help but imagine anything and everything better.  However, I forget…  I forget all the blessings upon which my melancholy ponderings are built.  A comfortable home, a loving mother, great step-siblings, a spunky little brother, a silly little sister, a hilarious cousin, the privilege of being a medical professional, an unparalleled degree of career stability, and the most genuine of friends.  I am blessed with gifts rarer than diamonds.  I must never allow myself to be so blinded by my imaginings of better worlds that I lose sight of the beauty in my own.


Written by meusintuitus

December 19, 2012 at 8:22 pm

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