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What did we learn from all this?  Trust your gut.  It’s a shame that I had been so long out of the dating scene and too doubting of my intuitions, but now I know much better.

Her mistake was trying to “fix” me.  It is nobody else’s job to bring us contentment, happiness, or completion.  These are things we must find in ourselves.  My mistake was allowing her to try.  My mistake was misinterpreting this “fixing” as actual compatibility.  Indeed, outside of the moments of relationship crisis where there was fixing to be done, I was ridiculously bored.

Addendum after her closure letters (11/27/2012):  She doesn’t blame me—both of us made mistakes and she acknowledges this.  However, where she is wrong is that this was all a mistake.  She may not see it know, but we are both going to walk away from this wiser and stronger.


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November 7, 2012 at 5:10 pm

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