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Diamonds and Plaster

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I was digging for coal and I found a diamond.  Diamonds, rare and exploited.  This magnificent diamond, I thought I might keep it—protect it from crueler hands.  I put it in a hole in my heart.  It seemed to fit.  However, something about it was uncomfortable; and weighed heavily on my consciousness.  The diamond wasn’t too comfortable either, but it was content with its lot in life—to be whatever its holder needs it to be.  Whether waiting to be found, being put on display for its beauty, locked away by greedy hands, or used fill the holes in the lives of men—the diamond is content; such is the source of its beauty; such is the nature of its curse.

The diamond weighed heavily on my heart.  I never was a diamonds kind of man.  One day, I pondered…  What would I do if I ever found a piece of heart that fit the hole in my own?  What would I do with the diamond?  Take it out, sell it, throw it away?  Put it in my pocket?

I am the exploiter.

God damn it.  All I was looking for was some coal.


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September 30, 2012 at 4:19 am

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She was an undergraduate pre-med who worked as a medical scribe in an emergency department at the university hospital (scribes chart the conversations that happen between busy ED physicians and patients).  At one point in her train of speech, she exclaimed, “Oh! A resident (physician-student) showed me this thing… umm…”

“A medical specialty selections quiz?” I speculated.


I astounded myself with this little victory.  “How did I know that?”  This was a rare tangible exercise of intuition (usually intuitive understandings are of more subtle usefulness).  As she was making her way thorough her sentence, I remember feeling circuits in my mind “connecting”—taking into account innumerable factors.  Of the multitude of possible connections, I can only consciously speculate that my subconscious drew on (1) her being pre-med, (2) consideration of things that a resident physician could show a pre-med and so bemuse her with, (3) memories of my own amusement when first learning about the medical specialty selection quiz.  It sounds dull when written out in such a way, but the phenomenal thing is that these three considerations as well as dozens of unknown others were made in literally a single second—or whatever was the amount of time it took her to finish her sentence.

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September 27, 2012 at 2:04 pm

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Hey, kid-

When I grew up, the Soviets had subs parked off the coast ready send me a 20kT warhead faster than Domino’s can send a cheese pizza.

When my parents grew up, there were planes scrambled to battle Commies in Cuba because Khruschev hammered his shoe on the table at the UN.

When their parents grew up, people scared to death of swimming pools were spending their lives in iron lungs from polio… and living through an actual depression, rather than a recession. Not to mention the Dust Bowl, security guards shooting at union members, etc. They saw atomic weapons as a big step forward.

Of course, their parents were still dying of typhus and smallpox. And their parents lived in a world without vaccines or indoor plumbing. So really, your worst-case scenario is about on par with “living like your great-great grandparents.”

You live in a world in which unrestricted, open warfare between heavy combatants hasn’t occurred in nearly 70 years, in which the world market has one de facto currency (and two backup currencies) and in which not a single natural disaster, anywhere in the world, is not met with near-instantaneous global humanitarian response. Yeah, drone strikes kill children in Pakistan every single day but just three generations back we would have solved that problem by invading, slaughtering, planting a McDonald’s on every street corner and calling it “manifest destiny.”

You wanna chill out? Study history. Study just how close we’ve come to ending the whole thing so many times before and recognize that warts and all, you live in a golden age. You have very real problems, and you need to come up with very real solutions to them, but the general security and safety of the planet is in a better spot than since the invention of the steam engine.

It’s gonna be okay. I promise.


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September 21, 2012 at 11:42 am

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