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One of the central pillars to my life’s philosophy is the acceptance of mortality.  As such, I find myself feeling a small amount of dissonance with the central mission of modern medicine—the extension of life.  It goes without saying that the longevity we enjoy today is a wonderful thing, but for me, the mere extension of life is an inferior calling to the improvement of the mind.  My sentiments are described as follows:  Any imbecile with above-average industriousness and moderate social competency can identify diseases and throw pills at people.  My mind, however, has a very particular trait; and more pressingly, it is a trait that yearns to be exploited.  People are puzzles.  In any given interaction with another, we are given a certain number of pieces to work with—pieces that we use to judge, to extrapolate, to infer the nature of the whole.  It is here that I make my point:  When I interact with people, my analytical nature, my empathy, and my intuition work together in a very particular way that allow me to find a few more puzzle pieces than is typical.  In observation of or interaction with people, there are psycho-behavioral nuances that I pick up that reveal to me unconscious aspects of a person’s psychology.  This trait of mine is one I consider to be most definitive of my self.  While the analysis it takes to diagnose physical diseases is fun to me, the fun pales in comparison to the reward I feel when I am able to use my psycho-intuitive abilities to benefit another.  Unsurprisingly, psychiatry continues to look very appealing to me.


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July 22, 2012 at 12:02 pm

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