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She was anxious.  I listened to her heart and lung sounds.  Her lungs sounded normal.  Her heart was racing.  They were not kidding when they said that she was crazy-anxious.  The attending, my mentor, entered the examination room.  The diagnostic plan was laid—the possibility of metastatic cancer whispered, but far from stated.  Her eyes started to cry; the rest of her face did not, but you could tell that it would at any moment.  As we explained the follow-up to the diagnostic imaging, the woman began openly weeping, then sobbing, then bawling.  Her brother came to her side and reminded her, “you’re getting yourself all worked up now.  We don’t even know if it’s bad yet.”  She clutched him and bawled louder.  The nurses called her crazy.  Her wails followed us out of the examination room.

“No resilience at all…  It must be hard going through life like that,” my mentor muttered.


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April 13, 2012 at 2:21 pm

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