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There was a family that came in today:  A gangly woman, a mumbling bearded man (the patient), and another man that I call Happyeyes.  Happyeyes was certainly a man grown, but there was a child-like connotation in his gaze—not in the sense of innocence, but rather in joy and appreciation.   They were a rather dirty and unkempt bunch; and in the patient room, they collectively smelled a little sour.  They were good people and I genuinely liked them, but the back of my mind still whispered “hillbillies” to me a few times.  Indeed, even with a wealth of good input and optimism, my meso-consciousness continued judging—such is how truly stereotyped their appearances were.

As for us health care providers, there was myself, a tall Asian male stinking of urbanity with my thick plastic-framed glasses.  The medical resident was a small Indian girl with large eyes born in rural Kentucky.  Our attending physician was a well-dressed Virginian gentleman.

Upon leaving, Happyeyes said something that floored me a little.  In a pungent southern drawl (more precisely, southern labor as opposed to southern money) he said, “the kinds of people they got workin’ in here… This is some true diversity—I tell ya’ I love this place.”


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April 2, 2012 at 3:29 pm

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