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“I want to suffer a little.”  A curious thing that a colleague of mine said at lunch today.  It struck me not only because it was odd and profound, but also because I held a similar sentiment—only worded differently.  In both of us is a dissatisfaction with the lavish comforts of our lives.  He voiced a willingness to practice ungodly hours (say eighty or more) for at least a fraction of his career.  I want to practice medicine in the third world.  In both these paths, there is discomfort, hardship, challenge.  Challenge and purpose—thinking about it this way, it no longer surprises me that there are many others who want to suffer.

Suffering purposefully—to suffer for a purpose.  It appeals to the romantic in me.


Written by meusintuitus

September 21, 2011 at 9:20 pm

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