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On facebook, the things we say and do not say, the things we share and do not share, the pictures and profile infomration we do or do not publicize—they all say things about us.  If you look at someone’s facebook profile and pay attention not only to what they do share, but also what they omit, you can learn a few things about them.  Do they publicize a relationship status of “single?”  I would surmise that “single” publishers are, as a cohort, less comfortable with their independence than people who omit relationship statuses altogether.  Do they write a wealth of information about their view of themselves in their profile?  I would peg such persons to be a bit insecure—that they do not have enough confidence in the implications of their daily lives—so they tell people how they want to be viewed.  The incredible (and simultaneously awful) thing that facebook has done is make people’s psyches much more visible.

We are all quite familiar with those poor souls who publicize their every move—those who are always reaching through your newsfeed in hopes for some validation.  I encourage you to be gentle with your judgments—because all they want is what all of us need from time to time:  To be told, explicitly or implicitly, “hey man, you know what?  You’re alright.  You’re not crazy.  You’re not the Dos Equis guy either, but you do some cool things sometimes.  You’re alright, man.”

When it comes down to it, facebook is not the problem.  The problem is what the problem always has been:  People—all the filters in the world will not save you from the judgments, opinions, and insecurities of other people.

I know it is both easy and fashionable to hate on facebook, but I really came to appreciate something today.  Facebook has helped me to not just maintain, but genuinely enjoy certain connections I have made—connections that, in another time, would have been broken with a loss of proximity.  On this note, I declare that it is wholly worth it—to wade through the refuse of human psychology for a chance to share, joke, and laugh with people you really do enjoy and care about.


Written by meusintuitus

September 1, 2011 at 12:23 pm

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