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Look at your hand.  Open it.  Close it.  Hold it as a fist.  Notice the the pressure of your four fingers on your palm.  Notice the touch laid across your fingers that is your thumb.  Look at your body.  Look at your arms.  Poke them.  Poke your arms repeatedly.  Notice the sensation of touch.

Consciousness is no small matter.  Self-awareness, sentience, consciousness is a universal concept.  In all the universe, stars, planets, and organisms take on different forms.  But consciousness will be the same no matter what lightyear-marker you are at.  To be able to not only feel and do, but to think and be.  Consciousness is universal.  We could have been anything.  We could have been dolphins (also highly self-aware).  We could have been Octopi-like things.  We could have been swirling masses of energy that somehow came to know themselves.  We could have been anything.  But we’re not.

Poke the skin on your stomach.  We are human.  We are here.  We are actually here.  We are conscious and we are divine—so much more so than most of us appreciate.

We are a way for the cosmos to know itself. ~Carl Sagan


Written by meusintuitus

August 15, 2011 at 9:21 pm

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