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I dug back into my old photobucket account to find a fat picture today—had one of those nostalgia overloads.  There are pictures going on 10 years old in there.  Our lives on the internet will long outlive us.  I wonder about all the other lost photo dumps and journal entries out there in cyberspace—distinct lives waiting to be re-remembered or, conversely, never to be reminisced upon again.  The immortality of what I upload and write haunts me—especially next to the mortality of my fleshy self.  On the day of my death, I might even prefer that all my googlebyte legacy be annihilated.  It is queer—that tidbits of my vibrant and contemplative life will be floating off into a purposeless forever.


Written by meusintuitus

July 21, 2011 at 6:42 am

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