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I did a dome-check today.  This is a maneuver where I twist my body so the top of my head faces a bathroom mirror, take a hand-mirror, angle it semi-towards the bathroom mirror so I can see the top of my head, and check the status of my struggling head fibers.  I’ve done this many times in the past few years and today is the day I have been waiting for.  The hair on the top of my head is too thin to pretend it is otherwise.  Furthermore, I find myself fully prepared to accept this fact now.

I am reminded of a day four or six years ago when I sat in the office of my primary care physician and anxiously questioned him about the profuse shedding I subjectively felt was occurring from my head.  He did a cursory inspection and calmly informed me that he saw no “pathological” pattern of hair loss.  I had no idea what pathological meant at the time.  I left that visit unsatisfied, anxious, and self-conscious as ever about what seemed to be the beginning of the end of my beautiful black locks.

A lot changes in four to six years—much more the stuff in my head than the stuff on top of it.  Well, it is time.  To my hair, “adieu.”  May you be reincarnated in another few decades on my chin and its neighboring areas.  I will buzz at dawn.


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July 19, 2011 at 1:43 pm

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