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french race relations

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With regards to race, in America it’s “come as you are and be as you will.”  In France it’s “come and be French.”  In America, without such an expectation of integration, race is hyper-visible and spotlighted.  In France, to speak of race is not only uncommon, but also illegal—everyone is equally French.

America is a stew.  Ethnic groups aggregate:  Some integrate while others retain their discrete forms and flavors.  France is more of a true melting pot.  Ethnic groups come here and become French-y—their old culture blending with new culture.

Race is a taboo conversational topic in France.  For the most part, this proves to be pleasant as during my entire stay here in France, not once have I been noted to be anything other than American.  However, what this approach achieves in harmony it loses in authenticity and genuine diversity.  I won’t complain, though.  I came here to experience France.


Written by meusintuitus

July 19, 2011 at 3:38 am

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