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I am in Minneapolis for the week and I spent all of an hour today walking around the city.  I quickly grew irritated and retreated to the sanctuary of the library for some quiet study.  I’ve realized what I dislike about cities.  If I walk around, I am hounded by certain demons of humanity.  Loiterers—loud, under-educated, and self-important.  A younger women, buried alive in her materialism.  An older woman with a defeated look on her face and insecurity in her heart.  Ranks of men and women in trouser, shirt, and tie marching to and from their places of hollow purpose.  In cities, I do not see people.  I see products of society—needless to say, it is not what my inner idealist expects of humanity.

Of course, this intuition of mine is human and error-prone, but every time I venture out and take things in, I find myself certain that a there are grains of truth feeding the dramatic and tormented resonations of my soul.


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June 22, 2011 at 12:39 pm

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