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vegetarian hypocrisy

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During my lunch break from study today, I skimmed over an article in the undergraduate student newspaper written by a young moralist vegetarian.  The article was an uninsightful rant about the amorality, unsustainability, cruelty of the American meat industry…  Oh the ironies of first world life.

It is not just meat, girl.  It is the coal from third world mines that heats your house, it is the oil that spills into the Gulf of Mexico that runs your car, it is an elderly migrant grandmother in China that pieces together your Macbook, it is the wood from the rain forests of Brazil that builds your house, it is the little fingers of Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Thailand that make your bracelets, hats, and shoes.  Girl, your mere persistence, for a single day, in the capitalist hub of the world is the cause of as much suffering as any meat factory.

Girl, the ways of this world were in formation millennia before you and I—and we can not be any more or any less than what we are.  So just be thankful, be humble, and cease your preaching—for there is no congregation in all the “civilized” world that is righteous.


Written by meusintuitus

April 23, 2011 at 10:19 am

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  1. Everyone’s a hypocrite, but some are worse than others. Obvious, isn’t it?

    I admit to being a slave of chemistry, but then who [or what] would I be if I’m not a chemical being?

    Cathy Sander

    May 3, 2011 at 7:17 pm

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