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Well, I took my exam earlier than I expected and got to watch my beloved team take the ACC championship title.  I also stopped by at the mixer afterwards.  The game was great.  The mixer was awkward.

In my class, I can count the number of people I enjoy talking to on not much more than one hand.  There’s nothing wrong with the rest of the lot; I just have little to offer them in terms of conversation—a mutual sentiment I’m certain.  However, this majority so unavailable to me also intrigues me.  I am intensely curious as to why it is that we can have so little to say to one another.

The mixer was full of “those people.”  I need to remember that I have a very picky style of interaction when I am sober—as though being sober at a party weren’t bad enough in itself.

I have a lot of ideas  running through my head right now.  I can’t form them into a logical post.  In general, then, my thoughts pertain to the state of human interaction and my overall sentiment is that people (myself included) are extremely weird things.


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December 5, 2010 at 12:01 am

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