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Medical school has made me realize that I am not a very smart person—at least not in the ways valued by the subject matter I have chosen.  Where some spend a mere handful of hours to look over material, I must spend the entirety of my day to achieve a similar level of mastery.

Certainly, I am not alone.  There seem to be many like myself (and likely many more than there seem to be) who have to devote the vast majority of their days to mastery of the material.  However, I can not help but feel slightly envious of those who seem to bobble through this gauntlet more easily than I do.

I am not without thanks for the intellect and work ethic that I do have, but capacities superior to mine have never before been so visible.  The ridiculous demands of medical school shed a light that reveals to us our own and our colleagues’ limits.  When it comes to information absorption and retention, I am clearly not the best!  Humbling.


Written by meusintuitus

November 17, 2010 at 3:11 pm

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