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Intense moods are something that I have always lived with—from great euphoria to deep depression to indomitable self-assurance to crushing doubt.

My emotions used to run away with me at times—after a certain latent period, they were prone to erupt publicly.  Today, however, I keep my more negative dispositions on a short leash.  Yet, no matter how much control I gain over my outward tendencies, my inner life remains tumultuous.

I have made some progress in tempering my inner storms, but I can only fully exert control over them with the greatest of a certain focus—a focus that I can only achieve in meditation.  Outside of such focus, my moods race on—up and down, and again and around.

Quite certain for now that I will never jump.  Though too it seems that I will never leave.  Forever now I’ll remain atop these cliffs gazing upon the sea of my insanity.


Written by meusintuitus

November 16, 2010 at 8:22 pm

Posted in contemplation

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