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…it’s about balance!

This weekend was nice–I hung out with people in small groups at dinners and at home–but sometimes it’s nice to wyle out too. I think I just strained myself being so social those first few weeks of medical school.

First big test this weekend. Celebrating afterwards.

Just got back from a workout. Developed a few thoughts further.

What I have today is a core tendency for introversion, but also a fine amount of confidence and ability as an “extrovert.” I have the ability to reflect on my life and interactions like a true introvert (so much so that I sometimes get drawn into the melancholy of one), but at the same time, I have the capacity to approach, banter, and interact like a socialite (sometimes). I realize now that I need to balance both realms of my self to perform and feel optimally. Gaze too long inward, and I start taking myself and my world too seriously–and I fall into despair. Too much socializing, and I get incredibly worn out.



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September 5, 2010 at 2:40 pm

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