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quitting cocaine

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The most feared vice is the one that I have recently engaged in and, promptly, quit. However, little did I realize that for years now, my life has been plagued by another. My cocaine. My poison. The monkey that remains clutched so adamantly to my back is none other than… the Internet (dramatic music).

Factoids. Memes. Facebook. Youtube. Reddit. Digg. Lolcatz. Pedobear. The Economist. NPR. News. Videos. Amazon. Email. Shopping. Statistics. Advice. Information. Infomercials. Infotainment. Info. Info! INFO! INFO!.

I’ve been wasting time. I’ve let myself down. I’ve been missing out.

My name is ____________, and I am an infoholic. I credit a conversation I had, just moments ago, with this realization. So now, I quit–not cold turkey, but enough so. My abilities, thoughts, and life will be vastly improved when I get this under control. I will still check email as needed, but I will check the inconsequentials (facebook, reddit, news, etc) no more than once a day from now on. Damn drugs.


Written by meusintuitus

March 18, 2010 at 1:20 pm

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