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Today, while dancing, I realized that I had closed myself off in more ways than I initially intended to. I shut myself within my own ego to do away with certain insecurities; to find a certain peace. However, for a while now, I have suspected that I have gone astray.

In pictures, I looked upon a countenance that was not what I felt it should be. In my mind, I seethed over shattered ideals and brooded in jaded pragmatism. In the mirror, I saw eyes that were judging and self-absorbed.

In my pursuit of a certain confidence, I ventured too far into the dark. Although I am by no means finished with my self, I have, in fact, found something of what I was looking for. As such, I need not dwell here any longer. I’ll try to make my way back now. I’ll recover the idealism that once drove my every step. I’ll re-open my eyes and my mind.


Written by meusintuitus

March 16, 2010 at 6:45 pm

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