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A few days ago, I did something I never expected I would do. In fact, I still still feel very peculiar when I contemplate the deed and acknowledge it as a part of my personal history. I had my reasons for it. I am no worse off because of it (yet?). However, in the context of my life, thus far, it is an occurrence that is quite out of place.

Many would consider what I did incredibly stupid–and it likely is. Others would consider it shameful–and I am quite reluctant to reveal it… It being a thing often considered a great evil, that has been written about and discussed often, that is a serious topic of discussion for its deleterious effects on individuals and communities.

For all this exposure I have had to it, I have had no experience with it whatsoever, until a few days ago. Certainly, an interesting experience it was, but in going beyond knowing into understanding, I have put myself at risk. As such, it is vital that I give my most solemn vow… never again.

“A dance with the devil and a flirt with the dead” ~Sirenia, A Mental Symphony


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March 15, 2010 at 10:47 pm

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