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awoke to the rain

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inexplicably in-content
upon awakening today
just a fleeting humor perhaps
something more substantial i fear

happiness may be from within
but one’s situation in life is from without
has one meaningful relationships
or a lack thereof

joy in solitude is possible for some
but to this i now inquire
is theirs a paradigm of wisdom
or insanity

yet insanity is elusive prey
prone to infinite social definition
and obfuscation

though reality is there
we are not privy to it and as such
we are all all mad in some way or form
are we not

it would be best to be understood completely
and to understand completely
would it be possible
but it seems not

such the situation of some minds
the clouds that gather about some lives
to desire that which can not be
given nor received

when all the days blend together
when toil and stupor become a one
who can know the color of
the rain that blocks our sun


Written by meusintuitus

February 2, 2010 at 11:41 pm

Posted in contemplation

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