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I came across a good comment today on reddit.  Amidst all the controversy over the Supreme Court’s ruling that corporations are people and money is speech, a point was made that none of this “injustice” to the will of the American people is new.  From Virginia plantation owners to railway barons to modern day corporations…  American “democracy” has always been under corrupt influence.  The ideals this country was founded on were sound:  Checks and balances, an informed public; by the people for the people.  However, the actual course of history–every step of the way–has been far from ideal.  For sure, things could be much worse.  For sure, many things have gone right.  However, there is still a fundamental problem with American government (any government) that no nation builder can ever guard against.

Service as a state or national representative was meant to be an honor–a privilege.  However, with that privilege are certain perks–and most perceive no dishonor in accepting.  When it comes down to it, the problem is neither the system nor the ruling elite.  When it comes down to it, the problem is one that lies within us all.

We all would like to believe that if we had the power to enact change, we would use it only for what is right and that we would never use it for selfish purposes (however large or small).  We expect this of our political leaders.  However, our expectations are irrational.

If you had the power to make deals and change lives, no doubt you would aspire to use it for good.  However, if you could also improve your own situation, perhaps at only a small expense to others, wouldn’t you?

I have lied.  I have cheated on tests.  I have shoplifted.  I have gotten away with these.  What have you gotten away with?  What do you think your governors, legislators and presidents can get away with?

The argument for any government is that people can do evil.  However, who can constitute the government but people?


Written by meusintuitus

January 23, 2010 at 12:35 am

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