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Dance and Mortality

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Today, I heard about how my uncle, who is in China, used to break, pop, and box in college.  He also got to know his wife on her premise of wanting to learn to dance (hehe).  Today, he is the surgical director of his hospital.  This was not only incredibly amusing to me, but also really struck me…  That part of my uncle’s life that I was so bemused by is where I am currently.  I am in college,  I am dancing, and  I am also going to be a doctor one day.

We all “know” that our parents had lives that preceded our existence, but hearing about my uncle’s prime years and seeing how similar they are to mine really struck the point home for me.

Today, I feel healthy.  I work out.  I b-boy.  I study hard.  I have my whole life ahead of me.  I do not think I will ever allow myself to go out of shape.  I feel invincible.  However, my uncle was the same way once; and today, he is slightly overweight and nowhere near the athlete he once was.  Is adult life that different?  Are the joint pains that bad?  When will I be forced to accept that my body can no longer be what it once was?  I know I am mortal.  However, I do not yet feel mortal.


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January 10, 2010 at 4:35 pm

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