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As A Grandparent

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I saw my step-grandparents yesterday.  I had not seen them in a while.  Even though they are not directly related to me by blood, they are very affectionate.  My step-grandmother said, in Chinese, that to just see me, to hear my voice, essentially, to see that I am, gave her great joy.  This struck me.  I had never heard any grandparent state it so openly, but it seems that is how grandparents must feel when they see grandchildren.

My grandmother on my father’s side used to tell me she misses me when she was in China.  I used to not understand much why she would.  I now see her, as she is living with my dad and I am visiting.  She reminisces about when we used to play cards, catch turtles, and go for walks when I was very young.  She also took care of me when I was an infant while my father studied in America before I was brought over.  Those were years that I do not remember much of, being so young, that she cherished.

Before thinking about all this, I took the mindset of, if I marry I marry and if I have kids I have kids, but if I do not, I will not sweat it; if I am a bachelor all my life, so be it.  Thinking on it now, though, if I never have kids, I’ll miss out on a huge part of what it is to be human.


Written by meusintuitus

January 8, 2010 at 11:49 pm

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