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You’re Delusional

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Surely there is an objective reality.  However, what is objective reality but how we perceive it?  When what is in the mind is inconsistent with what is in reality, a delusion is created.  Some delusions can do us harm, but others are not detected for extended periods of time, and most are never detected.  For the latter, then, what relevance does objective reality have?  Any information we take in is passed through many filters even before it reaches our own personal filters.  What, then, is truth?  True omniscience is impossible for humans.  To know the Truth, then, is impossible for humans.  Certainly, some ideas may be more true than others, but to know the absolute Truth…

I am a victim of my own delusions.  We all are.  Delusion is an integral aspect of the human experience.  We can not know all there is to know about anything, but we must form ideas about things, regardless.  These ideas we form, then, are just delusions.  Again, some ideas are more delusional than others, but, being human, no idea we form can ever be the Truth.

For me, the most desirable afterlife would not be some paradise where I might live out eternity in (human) “bliss” and “joy”.  For me, the most desirable afterlife would be one where I would come to understand everything about the universe I left behind and the life I led:  The mechanics of it all as well as the purpose of it all.


Written by meusintuitus

December 31, 2009 at 1:50 am

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