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Take Care Of Your Mind

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Emotions come and go.  Joy, sadness, anger, jealousy, anticipation, fear, disgust–emotions come and go.  After an intense anger, an immense joy, what is left?  After a wonderful trip, a horrible experience, after the emotion passes, what is left?  What is the mood that you come back to after your highest highs and lowest lows?

It is your mind state.

Emotions are the crests and troughs of waves; mind state is the depth below.

People go through life seeking happiness, but they wrongly seek it in the waves.  True happiness is not in emotion.  It is not in feeling that ecstasy that comes with a new car, new love, or new opportunity.  Rather, it is in being at peace in the depths of your mind.  It is in your very outlook on life.  Through good times or bad times, whether you have reason to rejoice or despair, your mind state can be in turmoil or at ease.  Your mind state is the depth upon which all waves pass–upon which all emotion comes and goes.  With a shallow mind state, small inconveniences will greatly upset you, joys will be all too temporary, and unfulfillment will follow you everywhere.  With the right mind state, you can smile at inconveniences, amplify your joys, and live a wonderful life.

Happiness is from within.  Growing up in a western society, we have learned to tend to our careers, our possessions, and our bodies.  We seek happiness in these external pursuits.  We think that we need only to get the right job, the right car, and the right abs, and then we will be happy.  However, one can have all those things and not have a drop of true happiness; and one can have none of those things and be joyous.

Genuine and lasting happiness comes from within.  It has no qualifiers.

To be successful, we train our habits.  To be fit, we train our bodies.  To be happy, we must train our minds.

(written after watching a TED talk by Buddhist monk, Matthieu Ricard)


Written by meusintuitus

November 28, 2009 at 10:54 pm

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