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Dookie Rope Chains

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DMC:  A couple of years ago, I was sitting downstairs at the VMAs with this young white kid.  He knows Dr. Dre, he knows Jay-Z, he knows Run-DMC, but he also knows Led Zepplin and he knows Rick Rubin.  So we’re sitting there watching the VMAs when it first went to Miami.  He goes, “DMC, what do you think of this, is this what Hiphop comes to? What Hiphop has come to?”  And I’m looking, and I’m looking and I’m like wow…  cuz you got the superstars comin:  Game, and Fifty, and Ludacris, and Diddy and they’re coming up the ramp, the red carpet, and they got the cars that do the hoppin and the rims and stuff like that…  and the VJ runs up to them and asks, “hey! What kind of rims is that on your car?”  And he does like this *pokes mic out with an enthusiastic smile*… and then the rapper answers him!!!  And then the VJ goes, “hey man, what kind of jewels is that?”…  And I’m lookin at this…  and then I thought about Jay (Jam Master Jay) because we used to walk to MTV lane and if a guy was to say “Jay, is that a dookie rope on you?”  Jay would be like, “man you ask me that stupid question again I’ma smack you in your face.”  Because what they used to ask us was this: “Yo Run-DMC, why did you say what you said…  why did you make that music? What made you make that album?”  Those are the kind of questions we used to get on the red carpet.


Written by meusintuitus

June 3, 2009 at 5:49 pm

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