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What is it Like to be Old?

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I had a conversation the other day about about how “old” we are all getting:  18, 21, 24.  At that point, I had had this conversation many times already.  We have all had this conversation.  It’s always a great one isn’t it? It always makes you feel fantastic.

In this particular version of the conversation,  I noticed that as we get older, we think more and we reminisce more–not just because our minds are maturing and our thought processes are becoming more sophisticated, but also because we simply have more to reminisce about.

We talk about how awesome it was when we had no responsibilities.  We think about how fun it was to be a kid; how stupid we were as teens; how awesome the first years of college were.

Then I began to wonder:  If we already have “so much” to reminisce about at 20, then what must it be like to be 60 or 80? To have over 50 or 70 years worth of memories?  After friends have come and gone, after marriages have started and maybe failed, after our careers are over; a lifetime.  No wonder old people reminisce so much.  When we are that age, instead of having our whole lives ahead of us, we will only have…  the past.

I came to a dark realization that the procession of life…  our lives…  is to have more and more to reminisce about and less and less to live for.


Written by meusintuitus

May 25, 2009 at 9:09 pm

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